Sidewalks and Dogs

I’ve always loved sidewalks, especially old ones. I happen to work in an area with some old sidewalks (relatively speaking, for the west coast). Most of the older ones were put in between 1910 and 1925. During my walks around town, I see footprints from people, children, dogs and raccoons and iron rings that were used to tie horses with their wagons. I love that they were preserved even though the roads have been improved.

Yesterday I was on a sidewalk poured in 1911. Immortalized in the walk were some dog prints. I think about that dog and who he or she may have been. Who owned him? Were there children who played with him? Is the house he lived in still standing? Where was he going and was he shooed away from the wet concrete? Answers to only to imagine.



A little lump of straw

I came across this little lump of straw on the trail. At first, I thought maybe a mouse had built a pile over his burrow. It was so perfectly rounded.

But upon flipping it over with my trekking pole, I could see it was a bird nest probably brought down by the windstorms we’ve had all winter. It’s pretty small, but I think too large to be a hummingbird nest. It could be a bushtit or pine siskin’s which are pretty prevalent in this area. The duff around the edges contains seedheads of the long rayed groundsel.

Shining like gems

Lilly and I were out on the upper 10 acre lot this morning. The Cascades are bright and visible. Snow is gone on our land except in the shadows. It feels like February! Lilly needed her coat off because the sun is so warm. Today we have some chores, but I’m going to work in a long walk to explore.

A fresh start

A new year a new blog. I wasn’t happy with my old blog since the demise of my domain I decided I didn’t want to pay $50 a month to keep. It’s fine. Life moves on and I am happy to change personas and start something new. There are always changes to my interests, and this year is no different. My last blog was minimalism, nature, outdoors, simplicity… and those still exist. But I want have a more relaxed approach and not be so radical about my interest in minimalism. Yes, I have discarded and will continue to eliminate stuff from my life, material and immaterial. But I am at a plateau there and want to move on to new adventures. My situation has changed for time and money, so I hope to include a few trips this year. I have been in a rut in regards to my experiences. So, here I go… off on a new path!